Wildlife bridge

Sustainable and Green Bridge Designs 101

Going green has become a fact of life. For decades, the world has been moving toward solutions that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. This has affected everything from the foods we eat to the vehicles we drive to how the power that runs our lives is generated. It has also significantly impacted how bridges and […]

Tappan Zee Bridge

Buzzworthy Industry News | August 2017

Our industry is ever-changing and always exciting. Here’s some newsworthy updates in the infrastructure world. Innovative thinking Staying up to date with the news about what’s happening in the world of bridge design, engineering, and maintenance is a great way to keep ahead of your industry competition. Another is to stay abreast of what others […]

Young man studying civil engineering

The Path to Becoming a Civil Engineer

It can seem daunting to pursue a new career, especially one as ambitious as becoming a civil engineer. Whether you’re a student planning for your future or an adult thinking about making a career change, you may have no idea what you need to do to realize your dream of becoming an engineer. Achieving this goal […]

Civil engineer on a construction site

What Do Civil Engineers Do, Exactly?

Most people have heard the term civil engineer, yet few know exactly what these highly-trained professionals do. Among other things, they’re the heroes who design, build, and maintain bridges, roads, and utility infrastructure. In this article, we’ll explore: What it takes to become a civil engineer Their origin story The training required and some of […]

Cable stayed bridge design

How it Works: Engineering Bridges to Handle Stress

Bridges are generally thought of as static structures. The truth is that they actually act more like dynamic, living beings. They constantly change, responding to different loads, weather patterns, and other types of stress in order to function. In some cases, much like a person undergoing a trauma, bridges must “react” to extremely stressful events […]

Rainbow bridge

9 Facts About Bridges You Probably Don’t Know

There are 600,000 bridges in the United States. Millions of people cross them every day. Yet surprisingly, there are many things people don’t know about these complex structures, including the designers, contractors, and maintenance experts who work on them all the time. Here are nine facts about bridges you’ll find surprising. 1. Bridges can be friendly […]

U.S. infrastructure work on a bridge

Staying up to Date with U.S. Infrastructure & Utility Trends

People have built bridges for thousands of years, and these structures have been used to transfer utilities such as water across rivers, valleys, and other vast spaces for almost as long. Today, the bridge design, development, inspection, maintenance, and utility installation fields are changing at a faster pace than ever. New equipment, processes, and procedures […]

Drone fling over the city with a bridge in the distance.

Drone Inspections for At-Risk Bridges: A New Frontier

America’s bridges and the utility infrastructure they support are aging and declining at a rapid pace. The American Society of Civil Engineer’s 2013 Report Card on America’s Infrastructure (the most recent available) assigned our country’s bridge infrastructure a mediocre C+ grade. The same report gave different types of utilities scores ranging from B all the […]

Highway Bridges

Accelerated Bridge Construction: Building Better Bridges

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), approximately one out of every four of the 600,000 bridges in the United States needs to be rehabilitated, repaired or completely replaced. The level of conventional bridge construction it will take to remedy this could result in a big increase in traffic delays, economic costs, construction-related accidents and […]