Bridge Masters UBIT (BMI 220)

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Essential Specifications

Working Payload: 500 lb / 225 kg
Under Reach (from outside stabilizer edge): 19.6 ft / 5.94 m
Under Reach (from outside center of truck): 13.6 ft / 4.12 m
Down Reach (from level road surface): 26.9 ft / 8.15 m
Overhead Reach (from level road surface): 24.6 ft / 7.47 m
Working Surface: 24" x 36" x 44"
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The Bridge Masters UBIT is a compact design with innovative reach capabilities.

This highly articulated unit can position workers 26′ 9″ below the bridge deck and up to 19′ 6″ under the bridge deck. It’s designed with a fully proportional and independent electro-hydraulic boom control system that increases accuracy and provides a broader range of control over each movement.