Open Positions


Bridge Masters Inc. is the leading provider of under-bridge utility installations in the Western 11 states. Our team is constantly looking for talented team members to help keep the utilities of our client’s bridges running smoothly and without interruption.

Bridge Masters Inc. aims to be a company that both employees and clients feel fulfilled and active in. Below are the values we hold to make that a reality.

Core Values

Understand the Value of a Good Reputation. BMI has developed a strong reputation in this industry based on repeat customers and great feedback from past jobs. How did we do it? We became a company that deserves one. In all things, a good reputation is harder to build than to destroy. Building a good reputation requires effort, patience, and time.

Consistent and Professional Communication. BMI is an extremely dynamic company. We have the need to and are capable of changing and adapting. Projects, equipment, crew, etc., are constantly in a state of flux. Consistent and professional communication as it pertains to BMI means we communicate the needs of the customer, project and others in a respectful and knowledgeable way. We need to regularly share our experiences, successes and failures for the betterment of the company and ultimately, our customers.

How We Describe Ourselves

Safety-focused – Our company’s major focus is safety; from the patented Bridgewalker™ to the safety protocols we use to ensure stable utilities in all environments. Safe work is more important than fast work.

Efficient –  Our system is designed to run efficiently. Our clients are faced with looming deadlines and it’s important that we ensure they have a successful launch time for their projects.

Collaborative – Everyone at Bridge Masters Inc. is considered a valuable asset at the company. We openly support the process of building community within our culture.

Honest – We are responsible for working on utilities that thousands of people rely on. We have to have honest communication about potential pitfalls and areas that could risk the projects in both safety and construction.