A Brief History of Bridges Since the Beginning of Time

Have you ever thought about how bridges came to be? Let’s go back in time and take a look at the earliest and simplest bridges and explore how they evolved into the modern marvels they are today. What is a bridge? Before a bridge was a structure, it was a concept.  The earliest humans imagined […]

Lessons Learned: Bridge Innovations That Came Out of Failures

Designers and engineers study past bridge issues and failures to learn how to build better structures in the future. Every new design and technological advancement is the result of lessons learned over thousands of years of bridge-building history.  From the earliest stone and wood plank structures to today’s marvels of modern technology, every evolution has […]

How to Start a Bridge Preservation Program

Funds for maintaining bridges and building new ones are extremely tight these days. Federal and local governments aren’t providing the dollars needed to keep structures in working order. That’s why many municipalities and other organizations that own and manage bridges are looking for ways to make them last longer. One of the best ways to […]

The Pros and Cons of Cashless Toll System

It seems that more agencies and municipalities are implementing cashless toll collection systems. Some use electronic readers, such as E-ZPass, to automatically charge drivers for crossing bridges and driving on roads. Others use systems that snap photos of license plates. The images are used to track travel, and drivers are billed based on these records. […]

Five Ways to Limit Environmental Impact on Bridge Projects

Are you concerned about the effect that environmental regulations could have on your bridge maintenance and construction projects?   Do you want to avoid causing harm to animals, birds, rare plants, or waterways? Would you like to limit emissions that pollute the air and increase global warming and climate change? Do you worry that you might […]