How To Prepare Bridges for Wildfire Season

These days, it’s wildfire season all year long. In previous decades, the North American wildfire season typically lasted through the summer and into the fall. It was centered in the warmer and drier areas of the southern and western United States. The fires were fueled by hot summer weather, strong winds and dry conditions.  However, […]

Urban or Rural: Which Bridges Are More At Risk?

There has been a LOT of reporting about major bridges and roadways that are in poor condition in urban areas across the United States. Like much of the infrastructure across the country, they’re outdated, worn out, damaged and most importantly, could be unsafe. They need to be repaired, upgraded or replaced. However, a recent report […]

Infrastructure: Is No News Good News?

During this year’s State of the Union address, President Trump challenged Congress to pass an infrastructure bill to fund improvements to the nation’s bridges, roads, and other transportation items that people depend on every day. It wasn’t one of the primary themes of his speech, but it’s an issue he’s brought up many times before, […]

Getting More Millennials to Work on Bridge Job Sites

In many parts of the country, it’s almost impossible to find enough qualified people to fill positions on bridge maintenance and construction projects. Record-low unemployment rates and a skills gap have made it a big challenge for businesses in bridge-related industries. One way to remedy this is to recruit more Millennials and younger people. In […]