Iconic Bridges Part 1

Ever wonder why certain bridges are so transformative and perfect for their locations? It’s because designers and engineers have found the ideal structural solution to span a body of water, valley, or roadway. In this two-part series, we’ll look at: The four most common types of bridges. How they’re engineered. The locations and situations they’re […]

A Cautionary Tale: Lessons From Last Year’s Morandi Bridge Collapse

Did you know: Last year’s devastating Morandi Bridge disaster, which killed 43 people in Genoa, Italy, is directly connected to a well-known fashion company, one that you’ve probably purchased sweaters from? For many years prior to the disaster, the company’s association with the bridge was identified as a significant risk to the stability of the […]

The Future of Bridge Development? It’s here!

The future of bridge development? It’s here! When it comes to technological innovations, industries like telecommunications, computers, and transportation usually lead the way. However, there are many game-changing advancements currently happening in the bridge development and maintenance industries. Here are a few that you could encounter now or in the years ahead. They will improve […]

Infrastructure: Is No News Good News?

During this year’s State of the Union address, President Trump challenged Congress to pass an infrastructure bill to fund improvements to the nation’s bridges, roads, and other transportation items that people depend on every day. It wasn’t one of the primary themes of his speech, but it’s an issue he’s brought up many times before, […]

Ultimate Bridges Part 1: Mega-Projects You Need to Know About

Do you know what a megaproject is? Most people don’t but many have experienced one. Megaprojects are unique, limited-time endeavors that: require a massive financial investment (typically more than $1 billion). are extraordinarily complex. have a long-lasting impact on the community, economy, environment, and society overall. Megaprojects are game-changers. Needless to say, they are rare […]

How to Protect Bridges Against the Growing Risk of Fire Damage

Scientists, engineers, and designers have primarily focused their fire protection efforts on buildings and tunnels. People are concerned about being trapped in enclosed spaces when fires break out. In addition, repairing or replacing skyscrapers, shopping centers, hotels, apartment buildings, homes, and tunnels after fires is difficult and costly. Experts have spent less time — and […]

Getting More Millennials to Work on Bridge Job Sites

In many parts of the country, it’s almost impossible to find enough qualified people to fill positions on bridge maintenance and construction projects. Record-low unemployment rates and a skills gap have made it a big challenge for businesses in bridge-related industries. One way to remedy this is to recruit more Millennials and younger people. In […]