How to Make Bridges Earthquake Proof

The recent earthquakes in California have more and more people thinking about the safety of bridges in areas that experience high levels of seismic activity. Unfortunately, the current situation isn’t good. Many bridges in the United States, especially older ones built before modern seismic codes were developed, are unable to handle significant seismic loads. They […]

How To Prepare Bridges for Wildfire Season

These days, it’s wildfire season all year long. In previous decades, the North American wildfire season typically lasted through the summer and into the fall. It was centered in the warmer and drier areas of the southern and western United States. The fires were fueled by hot summer weather, strong winds and dry conditions.  However, […]

Urban or Rural: Which Bridges Are More At Risk?

There has been a LOT of reporting about major bridges and roadways that are in poor condition in urban areas across the United States. Like much of the infrastructure across the country, they’re outdated, worn out, damaged and most importantly, could be unsafe. They need to be repaired, upgraded or replaced. However, a recent report […]

Iconic Bridges Part 2

Certain bridges seem perfectly suited to their locations. Ever wonder why? It’s because design and engineering come together to create structures that are ideal for their settings. In this two-part series, we’re looking at the four most popular bridge types, how they work, the locations they’re ideal for, the benefits of each, and amazing examples […]

Iconic Bridges Part 1

Ever wonder why certain bridges are so transformative and perfect for their locations? It’s because designers and engineers have found the ideal structural solution to span a body of water, valley, or roadway. In this two-part series, we’ll look at: The four most common types of bridges. How they’re engineered. The locations and situations they’re […]

A Cautionary Tale: Lessons From Last Year’s Morandi Bridge Collapse

Did you know: Last year’s devastating Morandi Bridge disaster, which killed 43 people in Genoa, Italy, is directly connected to a well-known fashion company, one that you’ve probably purchased sweaters from? For many years prior to the disaster, the company’s association with the bridge was identified as a significant risk to the stability of the […]

The Future of Bridge Development? It’s here!

The future of bridge development? It’s here! When it comes to technological innovations, industries like telecommunications, computers, and transportation usually lead the way. However, there are many game-changing advancements currently happening in the bridge development and maintenance industries. Here are a few that you could encounter now or in the years ahead. They will improve […]