The Ten States With the BEST Maintained Bridges

Lessons learned from the country’s best bridge infrastructure programs. The poor condition of bridges in many parts of the United States has repeatedly been in the news lately. Recent negotiations over an infrastructure bill in Washington has made more people aware of how many bridges are structurally deficient or otherwise compromised.  There are many issues […]

How To: Grow Your Business in 2019 and Beyond

The end of the year is fast approaching. The economy is performing at its peak, and it’s beginning to seem more likely that government spending on bridges, roads, and other infrastructure could increase starting in 2019. This may have you thinking about what you can do to grow your bridge-related business in the year ahead. […]

In-House Training Programs: Good for Business

Companies and municipal agencies often question the value of offering training to employees. Developing (or purchasing) and delivering educational programs and materials can be time consuming and costly. Plus, taking employees away from their everyday tasks for learning opportunities can seem like a drain on an organization’s resources. However, employee training shouldn’t be thought of […]