U.S. infrastructure work on a bridge

Staying up to Date with U.S. Infrastructure & Utility Trends

People have built bridges for thousands of years, and these structures have been used to transfer utilities such as water across rivers, valleys, and other vast spaces for almost as long. Today, the bridge design, development, inspection, maintenance, and utility installation fields are changing at a faster pace than ever. New equipment, processes, and procedures […]

public private partnership shaking hands

U.S. Infrastructure and the Benefits of Public Private Partnerships

Designers, engineers, architects, contractors, equipment suppliers, and others who depend on bridge-related work are always on the lookout for new projects to generate revenue. This usually involves waiting for the announcement of new opportunities to come along, bidding on them, and hoping for the best. The issue: The number of opportunities in the pipeline has […]


Business Networking is Key for Infrastructure Professionals

Are you a contractor looking to increase the amount of bridge construction your firm does? Maybe you work for a government transportation agency and need a new team of bridge specialists, or your utility company needs assistance building and maintaining utility infrastructure on bridges. Though the bridge industry is highly specialized, it actually takes a village to build a bridge. This network […]