Since 1974, Bridge Masters, Inc. has served the utility construction industry by specializing in bridge utility attachment and repair. Our ability to specialize in this field is largely due to our patented Bridgewalker machines.

These unique machines allow our trained crews to perform a variety of tasks related to bridge work from the deck of the bridge while allowing for continuous movement along the length of a bridge while in use by our workers. Our highly trained crews and specialized equipment allow us to be extremely efficient as well as giving us the ability to solve a variety of access issues.

We believe Bridge Masters, Inc. can be a strong partner and a valuable tool in your toolbox.

We also:

  • ‌Provide a “turn-key” service including material, installation and traffic control. We’ll take care of the bridge work leaving you to do what you do best.
  • Have the largest, most diverse fleet of Bridge Access machines west of the Mississippi River. In addition to our Bridgewalkers, we also have Hydra Platforms, Paxton-Mitchell Snoopers and UBIT-under bridge inspection trucks.
  • Design, engineer and fabricate hanger systems as well as anti-terrorism, arson and vandalism deterrents for sensitive or exposed utilities on bridges.
  • Provide Concrete Cutting and Coring services for Bridges and other concrete structures.
  • Provide Radar location services for the location and detection of utilities, rebar and structural defects in bridge structures.
  • Sole worldwide distributor and installers of First Line brand fire blanketing for the protection of sensitive utilities that are exposed to fire by accident or arson.

Bridge Utility Project? We're Here to Help.

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Project Name Bridge Length Location Utility Type Date
Alpine, CA 143’ Alpine, CA Electrical
Alpine, WY 540’ Alpine, WY Water Main/Sewer Line
CDOT 30+ Bridges Colorado Intelligence Transportation System
Clackamas Pedestrian Bridge 370’ Clackamas County, OR Water Main
Harbor Drive Bridge 1,040’ San Diego, CA Electrical
Hood River – 3 Bridges 200’ each Hood River, OR Water Main
Lewis & Clark Bridge 5,450' Longview, WA Telecommunication
Mobile, Alabama Bridge Project Mobile, Alabama
Oregon City, OR 840’ Oregon City, OR Telecommunication
Pacific Beach 933’ San Diego, CA Electrical
Victorville, CA 315’ Victorville, CA Water Main