Top Bridge Design Software for 2021

Top Bridge Design Software for 2021 Are you looking for better ways to design and develop bridges? Who isn’t during these challenging and competitive times? If you haven’t checked out the bridge design software packages available today, you might be surprised at how good some of the newer ones are and how much better some[…] Read More

The Pros and Cons of Cashless Toll System

It seems that more agencies and municipalities are implementing cashless toll collection systems. Some use electronic readers, such as E-ZPass, to automatically charge drivers for crossing bridges and driving on roads. Others use systems that snap photos of license plates. The images are used to track travel, and drivers are billed based on these records.[…] Read More

How To: Grow Your Business in 2019 and Beyond

The end of the year is fast approaching. The economy is performing at its peak, and it’s beginning to seem more likely that government spending on bridges, roads, and other infrastructure could increase starting in 2019. This may have you thinking about what you can do to grow your bridge-related business in the year ahead.[…] Read More