Anderson Hydra Platform

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Essential Specifications

Working Payload: 1000 lbs / 455 kg
Under Reach (from 42" handrail): 31.8 ft / 9.7 m
Down Reach (from level surface): 21.7 ft / 7.6 m
Down Reach (from handrail): 25 ft / 6.6 m
Platform Length: 35 ft / 10.67 m
Platform Rotation: 180 degrees
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Hydra dimensions, from

The Hydra Platform can place the working basket up to 18 feet below the bridge deck and up to 35 feet under the bridge. It is also capable of rotating the work platform to be parallel with the bridge to allow access to the edge of the bridge deck.

It features a patented Tower Separation System, allowing access across sidewalks and railings, and a horizontal crossover platform.