The Ten States With the BEST Maintained Bridges

Lessons learned from the country’s best bridge infrastructure programs. The poor condition of bridges in many parts of the United States has repeatedly been in the news lately. Recent negotiations over an infrastructure bill in Washington has made more people aware of how many bridges are structurally deficient or otherwise compromised.  There are many issues […]

Miracle on The Mississippi

Bridge engineers overcome a seemingly impossible challenge on a rehab project. Have you ever faced a bridge engineering challenge you thought was impossible to overcome? Check out the one the team rebuilding the Third Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis had to deal with. They used creativity and cutting-edge technology deployed in a novel way to win […]

How to: Become a Successful Bridge Inspector

Learn everything that you need to know to launch a new — and potentially more secure — career. Have you been thinking about starting a new career? Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic has left you feeling insecure about the work that you’re currently doing in the bridge and road industry, and it’s time to make a […]

The Biden Infrastructure Plan: What It Means for the Bridge Industry

Following up on its American Rescue Plan, the Biden administration recently released the American Jobs Plan. According to White House officials, it has been developed with an eye toward rebuilding infrastructure across the United States, creating millions of good-paying jobs and giving the country a global competitive edge. According to federal government sources, investment in […]

Why High-Touch Bridge Inspections Are Still Needed in a High-Tech World

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) solutions, which are essentially cutting-edge drones with high-definition cameras and other equipment attached to them, are extremely valuable tools on bridge inspection sites. They are used to collect data, conduct visual inspections, build three-dimensional models, and more. However, they have their limits. These include: It’s often difficult for UAS to reach […]

Bridge Masters Bridgewalker 2

The Pros and Cons of Common Bridge Inspection Methods

Concerns about damaged and deteriorating bridges and the harm that they could cause to the people who cross them and their surrounding communities are top of mind for everyone working in the bridge industry today. Inadequate government funding to maintain the nation’s bridges and roads has left many in dangerous conditions. This has forced more […]