Landmark Highlight: The London Bridge in Havasu, Arizona

Learn about the legendary structure and how Bridge Masters, Inc., is helping facilitate its celebration. London Bridge is a famous structure that was built in the 1830s. It crossed the Thames River in the city of London.  So, why is Bridge Masters taking on a project for it in Lake Havasu City, Arizona? It’s related […]

Iconic Bridges Part 1

Ever wonder why certain bridges are so transformative and perfect for their locations? It’s because designers and engineers have found the ideal structural solution to span a body of water, valley, or roadway. In this two-part series, we’ll look at: The four most common types of bridges. How they’re engineered. The locations and situations they’re […]

Ultimate Bridges Part 1: Mega-Projects You Need to Know About

Do you know what a megaproject is? Most people don’t but many have experienced one. Megaprojects are unique, limited-time endeavors that: require a massive financial investment (typically more than $1 billion). are extraordinarily complex. have a long-lasting impact on the community, economy, environment, and society overall. Megaprojects are game-changers. Needless to say, they are rare […]

How to Protect Bridges Against the Growing Risk of Fire Damage

Scientists, engineers, and designers have primarily focused their fire protection efforts on buildings and tunnels. People are concerned about being trapped in enclosed spaces when fires break out. In addition, repairing or replacing skyscrapers, shopping centers, hotels, apartment buildings, homes, and tunnels after fires is difficult and costly. Experts have spent less time — and […]

Record-Setting Bridges Across the Globe

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to take stock and look at some of the current world-record-setting bridges, including the longest, highest, widest, most trafficked — and the one built using the most bricks. Some of the bridges have held their records for a short time. Others have maintained […]

The Elastic Perspective Carnisselande The Netherlands

12 of the World’s Most Unusual Bridges

Why did they do that? In a world of banal bridges, new ones are being built that inspire fresh thinking, improve the lives of people and in a few cases, make us smile or even laugh. Check out some of the world’s most unusual bridges. Lego Bridge – Wuppertal, Germany View underneath the unique Lego Bridge. […]